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Images reproduced from a collection of early 20th century gelatin dry plate (glass) negatives. Copyright © VisualDx® All rights reserved.

Dedicated to Improving Health Care

VisualDx is developed by a team of physicians, educators, artists, and computer scientists dedicated to improving the health of people through better information at the point of care. We created VisualDx on three foundational principles. 1) We are committed to patients. 2) We believe that medical education and care are undergoing a transformation from a memory-based to a memory-assisted paradigm, where excellent information retrieval is modeled during medical school and later put into practice. 3) We believe that visual representation of medical knowledge fulfills a need for physicians and their patients.

The Image Collection

VisualDx has developed the most comprehensive digital medical image library of over 100,000 peer-reviewed images representing all ages and skin types as well as disease variation based on severity and stage, including classic and rare presentations. This extensive collection, which continues to grow, is the foundation for VisualDx. Learn more about the image collection, the archival process, and how to become an image contributor.