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One Diagnosis, a Billion Dollars

Allison, a relatively healthy 57-year-old woman, came to the emergency room complaining of red and painful skin on her lower legs. After a history, physical exam, and assessment, the emergency department admitted Allison to the hospital for IV antibiotic therapy for cellulitis, a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection of the skin and deeper soft tissue.

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From Rote Momorization to Training in and Using Information Tools

Middle school kids can use calculators when they take a test, so why can't medical students use open books or computers? Art Papier is a dermatologist and medical informaticist who says medical education is flawed. It's time, he says, to shift from memory based, to memory assisted learning.

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Clinical Informatics Expert: New Report Opens Door to Transform Medical Care, Reduce Diagnostic Errors

The Institute of Medicine’s newly-issued landmark report serves as a wakeup call for consumers and physicians about the issue of errors and delays in diagnosis – the leading cause of harm to patients and care-related costs in medicine.

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VisualDx Mobile App Hits 100 Million Image Views Milestone

VisualDx announced today its mobile app has broken through the 100 million image views milestone. While industry data shows that use of mobile devices among physicians has been in the 80 percent range for the past several years, this usage milestone points to a new trend of increasing use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets for clinical purposes.

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VisualDx Honored with Best in KLAS Award for Fourth Consecutive Year

The Best in KLAS Report announced today that VisualDx, a mobile application and online resource that is used by thousands of doctors in private practice, hospitals and teaching universities to accurately diagnose and treat disease, has been named the 2014 Best in KLAS Software and Services as the Category Leader for Clinical Decision Support: Point of Care Clinical Reference.