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Clinics & Group Practices

What is VisualDx?

VisualDx diagnostic clinical decision support system is a unique electronic resource that helps clinicians recognize and diagnose by leveraging the innate human ability to pattern match. Thousands of clinicians worldwide turn to VisualDx to improve diagnosis and therapy, and save time.

It’s as easy as an Internet search. Search by visual clues, symptoms and patient history to build an accurate differential, or search a specific diagnosis or medication to confirm diagnostic thinking and review therapy recommendations. Click through use cases to see how it works.



VisualDx at Your Institution

VisualDx speeds up diagnosis and ensures that patients receive proper care, reducing unnecessary referrals and admissions, and mitigating risk for patient injury. See why over 50% of all medical schools license VisualDx and 100% of customers surveyed said they would purchase again.

VisualDx for Your Clinic or Group Practice

Recent studies show more than 40% of primary care visits are due to skin disorders – considered by clinicians to be some of the most challenging conditions to diagnose. Try VisualDx today, and see why 94% of clinicians used VisualDx to confirm their diagnosis, while 97% say it improved patient care.

VisualDx can be licensed for your group practice at a discounted rate. Contact our Sales Department for more information.

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VisualDx in Practice

"Using a point-of-care decision support tool to confirm a diagnosis or assist me in understanding the features and pattern of a disease I have never seen is a wonderful addition to my practice. The ability to retrieve a photo at the point of care is empowering, to both the clinician and patient." – Dr. Steven T. Golden, Healthcare South, Cohasset Family Practice, MA