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Public Health & Government

The VisualDx clinical decision support system furthers public health and government initiatives by promoting more accurate diagnosis of skin and soft tissue infections, communicable and reportable diseases, natural disaster-associated infectious diseases, and conditions caused by biologic, radiation, and chemical agents. Public health alerts and clinical guidelines can be made available within 24 hours of an outbreak, natural disaster, contamination, or other event necessitating an immediate or coordinated medical response.

VisualDx is IP authenticated for the institution, and users can obtain a personal user name/password for mobile devices. VisualDx also supports Athens authentication. Contact our Sales Department to learn more.

Communicable Disease Reporting and Health Alerts

features_public_health_comm_disease.pngVisualDx can be customized to support mandatory disease reporting and regional health alerts. Custom links added to VisualDx search and disease pages can provide immediate access to local public health communicable disease or terrorism-related reporting contact information. This alerting and reporting functionality is a major advance when contrasted with the forgotten faxes and letters that are the traditional operating procedure of public health departments attempting to reach their local physicians. For example, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has inserted their state’s reporting links into each mandatory reportable disease. Learn more about the implementation.1

Active Duty and Veteran Care

features_public_health_military.jpgVisualDx is licensed for use in every Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facility to expand the level of care and treatment capability. With VisualDx, VHA primary care physicians can make accurate diagnoses and educate patients, alleviating the need for specialist referrals. In addition, VisualDx has been successfully piloted in the military environment and is an essential resource for early recognition and diagnosis in remote areas where specialists and telemedicine are not available.

Chem-Bio-Rad Suspicion

features_public_health_bio.jpgPhysicians cannot memorize and retain the rarely used information needed to identify suspected biologic, chemical, and radiation terrorist attacks. For example, although some of the anthrax victims of 2001-2002 were correctly diagnosed promptly and early, others were sent home untreated, resulting in poor outcomes. VisualDx can be used when there is a clinical suspicion of a terrorist event such as when multiple patients arrive with similar unusual symptoms or signs. The system covers conditions caused by potential biologic, radiation, and chemical agents, including nearly every Category A, B & C agent as designated by the CDC.

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  1. Drociuk D, Garza A, Craft N, Papier A. South Carolina brings public health to the point of care with alert messaging and disease reporting. Poster presented at: Public Health Information Network (PHIN) Conference 2007; August 27-29, 2007; Atlanta, GA.


Logical Images & CDC/HHS

"Trying to keep a team and group as large as ours at virtually full throttle for a few months, let alone a year, is exhausting. It is nice to have a group that doesn’t need our special push but, instead, is pushing us!"

– D. A. Henderson, MD, MPH, Principal Science Adviser for Public Health Preparedness to HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, to the Logical Images team regarding our work on the Smallpox Vaccination project