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Internal Medicine

What is VisualDx?

VisualDx is a diagnostic clinical decision support and reference tool that combines high-quality, peer-reviewed medical images and expert information to support today’s internists and infectious disease physicians in the accurate recognition and management of disease

Physicians can input visual clues, symptoms, and patient history to develop a differential, or search a specific diagnosis or medication to confirm diagnostic thinking and review therapy recommendations. Click through use cases to see how it works. VisualDx covers over 1,300 pediatric and adult diagnoses represented by nearly 30,000 images and is easily accessible from your laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device.


Benefits for Internal Medicine

VisualDx at Your Institution

Are you employed at an institution? Contact our Sales Department to get a trial for you and your colleagues. If your institution has UpToDate, learn more about how VisualDx is integrated into UpToDate.

VisualDx for the Internist and Office Practice

Currently installed in over 1,500 hospitals and clinics nationwide, you can now bring the benefits of VisualDx directly to your practice and patients. Sign up today and see why 97% of users say VisualDx improves patient care.

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VisualDx in Practice

"I was caring for a school-age female with a rash that was very distressing to the parents. This family was unique, as both of the child's parents were deaf. As I said the words 'erythema multiforme' the interpreter ... said (and signed) 'she just said a really big word.' I logged onto VisualDx. The parents had the opportunity to visualize and read the words 'erythema multiforme' and see examples of the rash. VisualDx helped me to communicate with the parents of my patient as well as confirm my diagnosis." – Megan Lynch, CPNP, Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO