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Medical Librarians

What is VisualDx?

VisualDx is one of the most widely used medical apps in the world to improve diagnostic accuracy, medical education, and patient education. VisualDx is already licensed by more than 50% of US medical schools including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, USC, UNC, University of Washington, and many more. Over the past 3 years, it has been voted among the top favorite apps multiple times at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania. Click through use cases to see how it works.

As a medical librarian, you recognize the transition underway from memory-based medical education to information-assisted decision making. VisualDx is a peer-reviewed, evidence-based clinical decision support system built using standardized terminology and data compiled from the medical literature. VisualDx has an average of more than 20 images per diagnosis to illustrate the different presentations of a disease. The system provides concise clinical information written for the point-of-care for over 1,300 diagnoses.


5 Benefits the Medical Librarian Should Know

  1. Nearly 30,000 images reveal disease variations by age, stage, and skin type.
  2. Easily integrates into Problem-Based Learning and GME-level programs.
  3. Multiple points of access including intranet, mobile, e-record, and UpToDate search results.
  4. Unique medication database linked to PubMed case reports to assist in the early diagnosis of medication adverse events and drug-induced disease.
  5. IP authenticated for the institution, and users can obtain a personal user name/password for mobile devices. VisualDx also supports Athens authentication.

VisualDx at Your Institution

Students, residents, and clinicians of all kinds need assistance with pattern recognition. VisualDx speeds up diagnosis and ensures that patients receive proper care, reducing the length of stay and mitigating risk for patient injury. See why over 50% of US medical schools license VisualDx and 100% of customers surveyed said they would purchase again – contact our Sales Department to learn more.

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VisualDx in Practice

“Users are tremendously impressed with the quality and quantity of medical images… VisualDx adds tremendous value.” – Nicole Mitchell, Reference Librarian, Lister Hill Health Sciences Library, University of Alabama at Birmingham