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Students & Residents

What is VisualDx?

You are in the clinic or on hospital rounds and see an oral mucosal lesion, eye lesion, or skin rash and you cannot recognize the diagnosis. VisualDx is the tool that will help you make that diagnosis!

VisualDx is a diagnostic clinical decision support and reference tool of over 1,300 pediatric and adult conditions represented by nearly 30,000 images designed to aid students, residents, and clinicians with specialty level diagnostic and therapeutic expertise including dermatology, infectious disease, ophthalmology, oral medicine, emergency medicine, and more. Easily accessible from your laptop, desktop, or mobile device, VisualDx is designed to logically help you develop a differential based on the patient history and your exam findings.


Benefits for Medical Students and Residents


VisualDx at Your Institution

Over 50% of US medical schools already license VisualDx. You can receive VisualDx if your medical library or Chief Medical Information Officer decides to license. Typically these professionals will license tools if their students, residents, or clinicians are asking for a particular resource. Contact our Sales Department to get a trial for you and your colleagues. If your institution has UpToDate, learn more about how VisualDx is integrated into UpToDate.

VisualDx for Individual Medical Students and Residents

If you cannot wait for your medical school or residency to license, sign up today and subscribe on your own.

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VisualDx in Practice

“Thanks to VisualDx, the patient was more effectively evaluated and treated [for alopecia areata]. Happy patient, happy (and more knowledgeable) medical student, happy preceptor! Thank you for a wonderful product!" – Matt Hemming, MS-3, Dermatology Clinic, Harvard Medical School