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D10.6 – Benign neoplasm of nasopharynx

302857002 – Angiofibroma


Angiofibroma is a term encompassing lesions described as fibrous papules of the nose, facial lesions of tuberous sclerosis (TS), pearly penile papules, oral fibromas, and perifollicular fibromas.

Angiofibromas of the face seen with TS consist of several papules and nodules commonly seen in the butterfly distribution and nasolabial grooves. These typically develop in childhood and are often the presenting sign of TS. Acral fibrokeratomas include acquired digital fibrokeratoma, periungual fibrokeratoma, as well as the periungual fibromas (Koenen tumors) of tuberous sclerosis.

Pearly penile papules are chronic, asymptomatic, tiny (1–3 mm) white papules found on the coronal margin and sulcus of the penis in some 10% of young adult males.

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