HIV-AIDS Related Pruritus

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Image of HIV-AIDS Related Pruritus

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ICD Codes

L29.8 – Other pruritus

698.9 – Unspecified pruritic disorder


Pruritus is a common problem in patients with HIV or AIDS. It can be severe, chronic, and difficult to control. Pruritus is hypothesized to be secondary to the dysregulation of the immune response, which includes hyperactivation of the humoral response in HIV-infected patients. Eosinophilia and/or high IgE levels are sometimes present. Severe pruritus can occur either in patients who are well controlled on antiviral therapy or in the AIDS patient who is not on therapy. Severe cases tend to occur in patients with a high viral load. Pruritus is often unresponsive to topical steroids and oral antihistamines.

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