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Image of Infundibulofolliculitis

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L73.8 – Other specified follicular disorders

81856009 – Infundibulofolliculitis


Infundibulofolliculitis, also known as disseminate and recurrent infundibulofolliculitis, and Hitch and Lund disease, is an uncommon idiopathic skin disorder characterized by the sudden onset of skin-colored follicular-based papules occurring most frequently on the trunk and proximal extremities of young adult males of African descent. Children, females, and individuals of other races/ethnicities can also be affected, albeit less frequently. The eruption can be intensely pruritic and is often self-limited, although lesions may persist for months to years before resolution. Recurrent remissions and exacerbations can occur in some patients. Various treatment options are available. However, this condition is often resistant to treatment.

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