Nail Changes of Chronic Renal Failure

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Image of Nail Changes of Chronic Renal Failure

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ICD Codes

L60.8 – Other nail disorders

585.9 – Chronic kidney disease, unspecified


Some of the most common cutaneous manifestations of chronic renal failure manifest in the nails. Half-and-half nails, absence of lunula, and splinter hemorrhage are the most frequent nail alterations in patients with chronic renal failure. Half-and-half nails are characterized by a red, pink, or brown discoloration of the distal nail bed, occupying 20–60% of the nail length. Often, the proximal portion of the nails has a dull, whitish, ground glass appearance.

Splinter hemorrhages and absence of lunula can also be observed in patients with chronic renal failure. Transverse leukonychia affecting all fingernails may be observed after the treatment of acute or chronic renal failure, particularly in patients that have received a transplant.

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