Nevus of Ota

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D22.39 – Melanocytic nevi of other parts of face

254817005 – Nevus of Ota


Nevus of Ota is a dermal melanocyte hamartoma located on the face in a trigeminal nerve distribution. It can be differentiated from a nevus of Ito, which is distributed over the supraclavicular, deltoid, or scapular area, and it can be differentiated from a Mongolian spot, which is commonly located over the buttocks or lumbosacral spine. Nevus of Ota is usually unilateral, but rare occurrences of a bilateral distribution have been reported. It may also involve the ocular and oral mucosal surfaces. The incidence is higher in individuals of Asian and African descent and in females. The lesion typically manifests at birth or infancy, but onset during adolescence has occurred. There are rare reports of melanoma arising in a nevus of Ota. Patients are also at risk of developing ipsilateral glaucoma.

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