Red Scrotum Syndrome

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L53.9 – Erythematous condition, unspecified

65645005 – Scrotal pruritus


The red scrotum syndrome is a rather common disease of unknown etiology characterized by a persistent bright red scrotum associated with burning and itching.

White men aged 60 and over have the highest incidence of this condition, which is resistant to treatment. A common complaint is that the patients cannot sit normally because the pressure from the chair is painful. The patients have to sit forward, allowing the scrotum to hang down past the seat edge.

The syndrome has been noticed in some men treated with long-term corticosteroids. The patients not only used corticosteroids for long periods of time but also had an increase in dosage and frequency of application over that time. In these cases, the red scrotum is said to be caused by a steroid addiction from the chronic corticosteroid use. In the majority of cases, however, there is no history of previous use of steroid preparations.

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