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L90.6 – Striae atrophicae

201066002 – Skin striae


Striae (striae distensae), or stretch marks, are due to thinning or atrophic defects in the dermis, typically in areas of repeated or prolonged skin stretching. The etiology is probably multifactorial and may include mechanical stress, hormones, and genetics. They are commonly located on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks and have been known to occur when the skin stretches excessively or when systemic or topical steroids have been used and have induced atrophy. Periods of rapid growth, such as puberty, pregnancy (striae gravidarum), and adolescent growth spurts, are common triggers. Striae occurring on the abdomen and breasts are most common in pregnancy. Other associated conditions include lactation, weight lifting, and rapid weight gain. Striae are slightly more common in whites and are twice as common in females than males. The skin findings themselves are only of cosmetic concern, but they may indicate an underlying disease state (such as Cushing syndrome). Striae tend to flatten and become less conspicuous over time.

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