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Three Workflows, Not Just One

VisualDx is available where and when you need it – on the desktop, smartphones and tablets, and within UpToDate search results. VisualDx is also engineered to the HL7 Infobutton standard, making it interoperable with the e-record. Because it is web based, VisualDx requires no installation. Learn more about system requirements.

1. Mobile

For many physicians, particularly emergency and hospitalist physicians, mobility is critical. Your license to VisualDx includes on-site and remote mobile access. VisualDx is available as native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

2. UpToDate

Hundreds of thousands of clinicians rely on UpToDate. VisualDx is integrated with UpToDate, so you can access VisualDx images and information directly from your UpToDate search results.

3. e-Record

Electronic record-integrated knowledge sources allow physicians to retrieve patient-relevant, evidence-based information without having to retype the data. VisualDx supports the HL7 Infobutton standard to link diseases and drugs to patient problems and medications.