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An essential, high-reliability tool for providers, whether deployed with a medical unit, a line unit, or far forward.

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With VisualDx, the Military Can:

  • Create a differential diagnosis across environmental, marine, CBRN, and general medicine.
  • Recognize and treat medication reactions quickly and accurately.
  • Access 42,000 of the best medical images.
  • Empower medics and IDCs with the right information at the right time and place.
  • Avoid unnecessary medevacs.
  • Identify global infectious diseases.
  • More accurately identify and treat in the theatre.
  • Better prepare for missions in forward environments.

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With Offline Capabilities, VisualDx Is Your Go-To Assistant on Humanitarian Missions

To improve and extend knowledge of front-line clinicians in remote, underserved areas, VisualDx is creating a standalone version of its mobile decision support tool that can be used without an internet connection. This effort is made possible by a grant awarded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2019. The grant will initially focus on providing healthcare workers in parts of Africa with the tool.

In 2019 VisualDx was also awarded the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) grant to create a stand-alone version of its platform that will allow for use with no required internet connection that will enable astronauts on deep space missions to access the diagnostic tool. This version will have customized content that reflects the most common conditions occurring in space flight and will reflect the limited resources available on deep space missions.

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Interoperable With Electronic Medical Records

VisualDx integrates with MHS Genesis, the new electronic health system for the Department of Defense, through SMART® on FHIR®. Learn more about EHR interoperability.

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Recognizing Infectious Diseases Globally

Today’s interconnected world requires a global perspective on health. The ease with which we travel and trade around the world engenders tremendous social and economic opportunity but also creates risk – for increased transmission of emerging infectious diseases, drug resistance, and pandemic disease threats. VisualDx can be used to diagnose infectious diseases, environmental exposures, and common travel-related diagnoses in patients. Search by over 220 countries to improve detection of diseases that are rarely encountered in the US.

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The Leader in Diagnostic Accuracy

See the must-have innovation in the clinical skin exam.

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