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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I purchase DermExpert?
  • Can I buy just DermExpert?
  • How do I use DermExpert?
  • How does DermExpert's technology work?
  • Is DermExpert HIPAA compliant?
  • Does DermExpert use my patient's images for further machine learning?
  • What devices does DermExpert support?
  • Can my institution buy DermExpert?

Types of Subscribers

  • How many doctors use VisualDx?
  • What type of subscriber am I?

Browser Support

  • Why can't I see the new version of VisualDx?

VisualDx Access

  • Why am I seeing a banner at the bottom of my screen and I'm unable to get to all of the VisualDx content?

Citing VisualDx

  • How do I cite a VisualDx topic?

Images and Image Use

  • Where do the photos in VisualDx come from?
  • Can I use images from VisualDx?

Individual Subscriber

Institutional Subscriber

The VisualDx start page

  • How do I get started?
  • How is selecting a problem area different than starting a differential through the search box?

Using the Differential Builder

  • I'm looking for a certain question in the Workup section that I saw the last time I built a differential but now it's not there. Why?
  • What does the DDx Strength indicate?
  • What does making a finding required do and how does it affect my differential?

Differential Results

  • Why does Filter appear sometimes but not others?
  • Why are my results truncated?