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In the News


Coverys Announces Investment in Clinical Decision Support System VisualDx

Coverys backs leading diagnostics platform for its ability to support providers through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis and improve patient outcomes for all health conditions.


Practical Dermatology: 6 Tools That Can Benefit Every Dermatology Provider

Whether you've never heard of it or simply forgot about it, each of these tools can improve patient care in the clinic.


PopHealth Perspectives: Perspectives on How IT, Telemedicine Aid Frontline Health Care Workers

Art Papier, MD, CEO, VisualDx, outlines on PopHealth Perspectives how telemedicine and technology use can help health care workers on the frontlines.


HIMSSTV: No More One-Way Information Flow from Doctor to Patient

VisualDx CEO Art Papier spoke with HIMSSTV to address the patient experience and how AI and telehealth are shaping healthcare today.


'COVID toes' may be new symptom of the virus

In a distinct number of COVID-positive patients, some experts are noticing skin rashes. VisualDx CEO Art Papier was interviewed by WROC-TV reporter Jack Watson to explain what COVID toes are and what to look for.


Electronic Health Reporter: Deep Space Research Benefits Frontline Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the need for autonomous healthcare as frontline physicians and medical personnel struggle to handle overloaded hospitals and overflow facilities.


MedPage Today: Beware of 'COVID-19' Fog

There's no better setup for diagnostic error.


Baylor College of Medicine: Deep space research can help during COVID-19 pandemic

As the novel coronavirus pushes the American healthcare system to capacity, relief may come from research aiming to protect astronaut health in deep space.


Electronic Health Reporter: How Technology Can Help Provider Organizations Treating COVID-19

VisualDx CEO Art Papier answers how technology can help the healthcare world navigate COVID-19 and beyond.


In Good Health: C-A-N-C-E-R

Screening remains crucial for effective cancer treatment. In Good Health Rochester looks at different types of screenings and mentions VisualDx's consumer app, Aysa, as a way to bridge the doctor-patient relationship.