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In the News


CNN Health: Covid-19 patients may develop skin rashes and discoloration, studies find

CNN taps VisualDx CEO & co-founder Art Papier for dermatological guidance on new COVID-19 studies that show patients may develop skin rashes and discoloration.

VisualDx, AMSA-INDIA Announce Partnership

Collaboration enhances international medical education and serves as a roadmap for future student partnerships.


PLOS ONE: New Study Finds Clinical Decision Support Tools Improve Diagnostic Accuracy and Patient Satisfaction

Research from LEO Innovation Lab and VisualDx points to decision support technology as key for bolstering patient experience and diagnosis in skin conditions.


VisualDx Developer Addresses Racial Bias in Medical Field

Dr. Art Papier is the developer of VisualDx, and he told News10NBC that the Black Lives Matter movement has brought the issue of bias in medicine to the forefront of conversations in the medical field. His mission at VisualDx is to educate clinicians about identifying conditions across all skin types. 


STAT Opinion: To Begin Addressing Racial Bias in Medicine, Start With the Skin

The failures of the health care industry to appropriately care for Black patients are well-documented, resulting in the lowest life expectancy of any major group in the U.S. The medical community needs to wake up and start fixing the way we recruit, train, and equip clinicians to reverse the trend of Black Americans dying too early and too often.


Medium: Can Humans Survive the Trip to Mars?

Research says probably not, but new technology might change that.


Science News: What Will Astronauts Need to Survive the Dangerous Journey to Mars?

When space is tight, what should go into the medical bag?

VisualDx and Society of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners Announce Partnership

VisualDx, the award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support will provide exclusive discount to SDNP members.


The Zoe Report: Why Dermatologists Specializing in Black Skin Are Scarce - & the Best Way to Find Ones That Do

The broad spectrum of the beauty industry stretches from cosmetic to medical and while the shocking lack of diversity is not a new phenomenon, the racial bias within dermatology can have catastrophic, and in some cases, fatal consequences. 


Journal of AHIMA: Clinical Decision Support Helps Combat Racial Disparities in Healthcare

Art Papier, MD, talks with AHIMA about racial disparities in healthcare, COVID-19 in minority populations, and how clinical decision support can be part of the solution.