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In the News


WXXI: Rochester company looks to reduce racial bias in medicine

WXXI's Brett Dahlberg has the story of a Rochester startup's effort to change inequalities in how diseases are diagnosed on different ends of that spectrum.


Medscape: Artificial Intelligence vs Doctors: Diagnostic Errors

There's a wide spectrum of opinion on AI in healthcare. Medscape gathered up a few comments from a recent article to which Dr. Papier contributed.

VisualDx to Launch AI-Enabled Smart Symptom Checker

Beta testing of Aysa, an AI-driven app, begins and revolutionizes the public's understanding of skin conditions.


VisualDx gets NASA grant to build diagnosis tool for deep space missions

Mobihealth News reports on how NASA is tackling the issue of telemedicine for astronauts by reaching out to VisualDx to create a diagnostic tool for astronaut use on deep space missions.


Electronic Health Reporter: Technology's Role in Improving Rural Healthcare

Dr. Louis Krenn writes about how technology can have a positive impact on rural healthcare and how VisualDx puts specialty level knowledge at the point of care.

VisualDx Awarded Grant to Help Diagnose Medical Conditions in Space for NASA

New software will empower astronauts to quickly and accurately answer clinical questions during spaceflights.


Managed Healthcare Executive: New Policy Will Help EHRs Improve Clinical Studies: 5 Things to Know

VisualDx CEO Art Papier, MD, talks about why a new FDA roadmap for incorporating EHRs into clinical trials and product submissions is so important for the future of healthcare.


CIO: How health care orgs are addressing AI challenges

Health care companies are embracing artificial intelligence for everything from drug research to diagnostics, but challenges centered around privacy, data and the AI 'black-box' remain.


HealthcareIT News: How an academic medical center integrated AI into its Epic EHR to improve diagnoses

HealthcareIT News looks at how the department of emergency medicine at the University of Maryland uses imaging-oriented technology as a virtual specialist in the ER.


Patient EngagmentHIT: How Clinical Decision Support Drives Care Access in Rural Areas

At CoxHealth, clinical decision support closes care access gaps that plague patients in rural areas. This technology helps primary care providers deliver some elements of specialty care.