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CoxHealth CMIO Louis Krenn Talks SMART on FHIR

“When I go to the VisualDx tab in my Cerner record, as it loads, immediately it is already passing through to VisualDx that information. When I start to give the application additional clinical information, it is already taking into consideration the context of that patient."

VisualDx and Dermatology Nurses' Association Announce Partnership

VisualDx, the award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system will provide exclusive discount to DNA members.

CMS Updates Data Mining Rule to Enrich Patient Care

Selling data through these new CMS rules will not improve clinical decision making, according to Art Papier, MD, CEO of VisualDx.


GBUAHN Gets a Second Opinion with VisualDx Partnership

The Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network (GBUAHN) and the Greater Buffalo United Independent Physician Association (GBUIPA) are teaming up with Rochester-based company VisualDx for better accuracy in diagnosing patients.


How Prevalent Are Diagnostic Errors? Check Out This Infographic

The Institute of Medicine — now called the National Academy of Medicine — last year put out a report saying that most Americans will fall victim to at least one “meaningful” diagnostic error in their lifetimes.


App Store and Google Play Roll Out New VisualDx App

VisualDx announced today its next generation app is now available for iOS and Android devices. VisualDx is the first point of care diagnostic support system to be widely used, and has expanded to include diagnostic support across general medicine. The system speeds diagnosis, therapy decisions and patient education for emergency physicians, hospitalists and primary care clinicians worldwide.

VisualDx Launches Enhanced Clinical Decision Support Platform

[March 22, 2016] – iMedicalApps takes a look at the new version of VisualDx

Enabling Medical Record with Clinical Decision Support - Medent and VisualDx Announce Integration

MEDENT and VisualDx announce an agreement to provide VisualDx software within the MEDENT electronic medical record. 

New Techonology Advances Doctors' Ability to Accurately Diagnose Patients

Accurate diagnosis at the point of care: that’s what patients expect and should receive. In line with National Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 13-19), VisualDx is announcing a new technology to advance diagnostic accuracy in the exam room. The number of diagnostic errors in the U.S. medical system is staggering, but there is an avenue to reduce this growing problem through point of care, visually-centric technology.


Why ROC: VisualDx

"This has been the perfect community for our company. We've brought together the expertise in the medical center with the expertise at RIT, UofR, and private companies involved with imaging."