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In the News


HealthCareBusiness: VisualDx updates its AI app to help clinicians classify skin lesions

VisualDx announced on Friday that it updated its artificial intelligence app for the iPhone or iPad to help non-dermatologists assess skin lesions and rashes.


VisualDx - A Transformational Artificial Intelligence App for iPhone to Help Improve Diagnosis of Diseases

Rochester-based VisualDx, has enhanced its VisualDx app with Core ML, a new framework enabling on-device machine learning to create powerful, rich experiences.


MedCity News: VisualDx using Apple's Core ML to automate image analysis for non dermatologist doctors

MedCity News reports on VisualDx's collaboration with Apple's Core ML to improve diagnostic accuracy with DermExpert.


CNBC: Here's a taste of how much smarter your iPhone will be in September

Apple is showcasing our latest efforts for iOS 11. CNBC reports on our work to improve skin condition diagnosis.


Diagnosing Diagnostic Error: An appreciation of the work of Lawrence Weed, MD (1923-2017)

As we mourn the passing of Lawrence Weed, the father of the problem-oriented medical record (POMR), the SOAP note format, and problem-knowledge couplers, (1,2) we also celebrate his life and ideas. 


VisualDx continues global expansion with international version

VisualDx continues its global expansion with the addition of new features including the ability to search in 6 different languages and the ability to select a home region to localize search results.


NeuroLogica Blog: Computer-Assisted Diagnosis

VisualDx is mentioned in a blog as an aid in medical decision-making that could help drive down the rising cost of healthcare by helping to provide fast and accurate diagnoses.


Open APIs: A nerdy phrase with big meaning for health care

Politico's Arthur Allen writes about health IT and how third-party apps in EHRs (like VisualDx) will help ONC implement the 21st Century Cures Act in the face of budget cuts.


Sophisticated Digital Aids Could Help Determine What Ails You

Scientific American looks at point-of-care technology helping doctors and other healthcare professionals quickly and accurately diagnose patients.

Downtown Seeing a Quiet Boom in New Business

VisualDx is poster child for Rochester's downtown development, bringing jobs and innovation to the Flour City.