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AI holds great promise for visual fields like dermatology, but faces many challenges

dermexpert_promo_fb2.jpgComputer vision has great promise for helping to democratize fields like wound care, dermatology and more. However, as companies explore this potential, they're also discovering a number of challenges to overcome. 

Even companies like VisualDx, which have a robust dataset from years in the CDS space, have to balance patient privacy consideration. "In our professional tool, when a doctor takes a pictures of a patient the image is analyzed on the phone and the image is dumped," CEO Art Papier told MobiHealthNews. "So we never see the image because of confidentiality. So I think on the consumer side there's an opt-in where the user can click a box where they say they're willing to train data and can create a feedback loop and start training the system. We'll be getting going with that this year."

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