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Cerner: CoxHealth clinicians enhance EHR capabilities, save time with SMART on FHIR

ipads_with_ddx_screens_small.jpgfrom Cerner's Client Perspectives (AUGUST 7, 2020)

In early 2016, leaders at CoxHealth - based in Springfield, Missouri - looked to address usability concerns with the electronic health record (EHR). They wanted to enhance specialized EHR workflows and improve the point of care for patients, so they turned to SMART on FHIR technology to help address these specialized workflows.

SMART on FHIR is a contextually aware platform that allows clinicians to enhance capabilities, address usability concerns and access point of care reference material. It's embedded directly within the EHR and can extract information from within the EHR, such as current medical problems, medications and allergies.

With the shortage of dermatologists in southwest Missouri, CoxHealth's primary care providers must offer more dermatological care for their patients. Using SMART on FHIR and VisualDx, clinicians have the tools and resources needed to manage those patients and feel confident in their diagnosis and treatment options.

Read and watch the full testimonial here.

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