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HealthcareIT News: How AI and machine learning are transforming clinical decision support

docandpatient.jpgby Mike Miliard, HealthcareIT News (FEBRUARY 21, 2020)

"Between 12 to 18 million Americans every year will experience some sort of diagnostic error," said Paul Cerrato, a journalist and researcher.

"So the question is: Why such a huge number? And what can we do better in terms of reinventing the tools so that catch these conditions more effectively?"

Cerrato is co-author, alongside Dr. John Halamka, newly minted president of Mayo Clinic Platform, of the new HIMSS Book Series edition, Reinventing Clinical Decision Support: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Diagnostic Reasoning.

At HIMSS20, the two of them will discuss the book, and the bigger picture around CDS tools that are fast being transformed by the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics.

Big things are happening in the space, with leading-edge vendors such as Dynamed, UpToDate and VisualDx pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished for evidence-based decision support.

Still, we're in the early days of this AI revolution, said Cerrato, and "there's a lot more that can be done with machine learning and AI."

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