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HealthLeaders: Picture This: A Tech Tool That Helps Physicians Make More Accurate Diagnoses Through Imagery

medschool_small.jpg(MARCH 27, 2019) by Mandy Roth

Imagine an app that uses pictures and graphics to help pinpoint one of thousands of diagnoses. VisualDx, a clinical decision support tool, does just that, and much more to help physicians make more accurate diagnoses, save time, and improve the patient.

Originally developed as a resource to help primary care, emergency department, and urgent care physicians diagnose dermatological conditions. VisualDx has now expanded its focus to general medicine and includes opportunities to explore drug reactions, infectious diseases, diagnosis of ophthalmologic issues, and assistance interpreting information in x-ray images, among other uses.

This article takes a close look at the innovation developed by the Rochester, New York - based company. In a separate article, 5 Ways Health Systems Can Use A Clinical Decision Support Tool to Provide Better Care, HealthLeaders examines the way physicians at CoxHealth in Springfield, Missouri, and Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland, use the tool. 

VisualDx reflects a new way of practicing medicine, says Art Papier, MD, co-founder and CEO of the technology company. "We're moving from a generation that was trained in medical school to read books and ... hold [all knowledge] all in your brain ... without referencing anything, to a future state where [physicians] grab information at the point of care to answer patients' questions." Technology is helping the profession make that transition, he says.

Read the full HealthLeaders article that digs deep into VisualDx.

About VisualDx

VisualDx is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system that has become the standard electronic resource at more than half of U.S. medical schools and more than 1,500 hospitals and institutions nationwide.  VisualDx combines clinical search with the world's best medical image library, plus medical knowledge from experts to help with diagnosis, treatment, self-education, and patient communication. Expanding to provide diagnostic decision support across General Medicine, the new VisualDx brings increased speed and accuracy to the art of diagnosis. Learn more at