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Irish Medical Times: The big questions for digital healthcare

medschool_small.jpg(DECEMBER 2, 2019)

Ahead of his talk at the RCPI's Digital Health conference on December 6, Art Papier, Associate Professor in Dermatology and Medical Informatics at the University of Rochester, New York, and co-founder and CEO of VisualDx, provides the responses in a Q&A session.

What do you believe is the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare?

An historic transition from a memory-based medical education and care delivery paradigm, to an augmented intelligence system of care is underway. Though the media hype suggests that AI is going to fix all of healthcare problems. AI is not a panacea that will solve all of our healthcare delivery woes. At the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland [RCPI] conference on December 6, I will place AI into the broader context of exam room decision support, and describe the greatest challenges and needs going forward. I will also discuss the role of patients and how they will likely engage with the information tools of the future.

What impact is digital technology having in the area of dermatology?

The rapid progress in machine learning will result in near-team improvements in the care of skin disorders and skin presenting illnesses. Information tools now exist to assist non-dermatologists so they can better diagnose and treat patients for skin disorders. Rapid advances in machine learning suggest we will soon have applications assisting in the recognition and diagnosis of skin cancers.

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