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Logical Images Joins mHealth Revolution

Clinical Decision Support Developer Releases VisualDx for the iPad including Free Drug Content

ROCHESTER, NY, August 13, 2010 – Logical Images, Inc., leaders in diagnostic clinical decision support and experts in dermatology and consumer skin health, has launched an mHealth initiative to deliver a series of dermatology medical mobile apps that improve diagnostic accuracy, enhance medical education, and heighten consumer skin health awareness. To kick off the mHealth product introductions, the company debuted its VisualDx Mobile app for the iPad last week that includes free access to its Drug Eruptions content.

Following a successful launch of their first medical mobile app at HIMSS10, the company is focusing significant resources on the development of mHealth apps that perform across top mobile platforms including Apple, Android, and the current leader for health professionals, RIM. VisualDx Mobile was named by iMedicalApps as one of the top 5 medical apps for the iPad in March of this year.

VisualDx Mobile for the iPad takes full advantage of its high-resolution, backlit-LED screen. The app’s thousands of medical images, captured by renowned physicians and medical universities, are strikingly rich and crisp in the iPad environment. Full-screen or zoom views give a clinician greater visibility into recognizing patterns when comparing to their patient’s presentation. Additionally, the app has been developed using a split-screen pane so the user can see the differential changing as each patient sign and symptom is added. Users can also view multiple images of a disease alongside clinical text.

With the launch of the new iPad app the company announced it will be offering free access to its drug content including over 1,500+ images of nearly 100 conditions induced by medications as well as those diagnoses often mistaken for drug eruptions. With the average number of medications taken per day for a patient over 75 being 7.9 according to the American Pharmacists Association, and adverse drug events causing over 700,000 emergency department visits each year, the company felt this content would be of great value to clinicians looking to improve diagnostic accuracy of these sometimes challenging conditions.

“Smart mobile technology like the iPhone, Droid, and iPad are revolutionizing the clinician’s workflow. Physician adoption of smartphones alone is said to now be at 72%.” said Dr. Art Papier, CMIO of Logical Images, “From the pocket of our white coats to the palm of our hand is truly where the clinician workflow lies. Even EHRs are looking for ways to make access easy on the handheld.”

Next up will be the release of VisualDx Mobile for Android devices, slated for a September release, along with a series of content offerings for Apple devices such as Dental and International Travel. For the remainder of the year the company plans to continue efforts to ready VisualDx Mobile for the RIM and mobile web platforms and is also looking forward to launching its first consumer skin health app for the iPhone and iPod Touch this winter.

“With analysts expecting the market to triple over the next 5 years, we see mHealth as a platform to push clinical decision support directly where it’s needed most, at the point of care,” said Richard Cohan, CEO of Logical Images. “Logical Images has a unique set of assets to offer this growing market. We are striving to be positioned as the ‘go to’ company for dermatology mHealth resources, making a positive impact on health care costs and quality of care.”

About VisualDx

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