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Medium: Dr. Art Papier of VisualDx: 5 Things We Must Do to Improve the US Healthcare System

artpapier720.jpgby Christina D. Warner (AUGUST 9, 2020)

As part of my interview series with leaders in healthcare, I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Art Papier.

According to this study cited by Newsweek, the US healthcare system is ranked as the worst among high income nations. This seems shocking. Can you share with us 3-5 reasons why you think the US is ranked so poorly?

1. We invest heavily in medical treatment, testing, and doing procedures, and way too little in prevention and improving the health of the population.

2. Social determinants of health have been ignored in this country. We'll never improve on key indicators of health like infant mortality and longevity unless we can address poverty and bad health habits like poor diets, smoking, drug use, and psychiatric issues, which can often be traced back to the social determinants.

3. We invest in doing as much as possible through fee-for-service medicine instead of paying for equality.

4. We have many medically illiterate people in the U.S., many who don't understand the importance of vaccination and prevention.

Read the full interview on Medium.

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