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One Million by One Million: Thought Leaders in Healthcare IT: Art Papier, CEO of VisualDx (4 Parts)

artpapier720.jpgby Sramana Mitra (FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4)

Medical Design Support is an emerging field in its early stages of technology adoption. This conversation looks at how the field is evolving.

Art Papier: We built a foundational knowledge base as well as one of the world's best digital medical image bases. Unlike other efforts where it is a Wiki model, we believe that medicine requires precision, so we have a very active data set because we have been meticulous in building it. We involved world class physicians from around the world.

Sramana Mitra: Tell me how that works. You have this database of images. What happens to those images?

Art Papier: The images come from experts and institutions that have done medical photography over the last decade. There are physicians, particularly dermatologists as well as infectious disease physicians, emergency physicians, oral disease physicians, and ophthalmologists that either themselves are avid photographers or they have a medical photographer in their clinic that takes these images for patient care, teaching, or research.


I published a paper in 2006 about bias in the medical literature where we have books and websites not showing how diseases look on people with color. We have been purposeful about this in the last 20 years.

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Part 2 - The Role of Technology in Healthcare

Part 3 - Integrating VisualDx into Healthcare Systems

Part 4 - VisualDx in the Market and the Next Problems to Solve in Healthcare



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