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VisualDx Featured as "State of the Art" at Health Datapalooza IV

Presentation Set for Conference on Innovative and Effective Uses of Data to Improve Healthcare

ROCHESTER, NY, May 30, 2013 – VisualDx, a mobile app and e-record integrated online resource that is the nation’s only widely used diagnostic tool, will be featured as an example of the “state of the art” usage of data to improve healthcare at Health Datapalooza IV on Monday, June 3, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Noah Craft, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer for Logical Images, the company that created VisualDx, will provide a presentation on how VisualDx helps physicians quickly and accurately diagnose disease and avoid medical errors, the nation’s 5th leading cause of death.

Dr. Craft will be among the speakers discussing how to effectively use data for improved diagnosis at the point of care during the fourth annual meeting of Datapalooza, a national conference featuring the newest, most innovative and most effective uses of health data by companies, start-ups, academics and government agencies.

“VisualDx exemplifies the effective use of data by quickly providing physicians and other healthcare workers with a highly accurate list of potential diagnoses and photographs to show patients during an appointment or at the bedside,” said Dr. Craft. “VisualDx is a scientifically proven system that improves diagnostic accuracy while also empowering and educating patients.”

During appointments or at the bedside, physicians can enter a patient’s symptoms and link information from the electronic medical record, such as medical history and other information, into VisualDx. Based on the information entered, VisualDx quickly delivers a highly accurate list of potential diagnoses, a series of photographs against which to match the patient’s current conditions and the recommended treatments. The physician or healthcare worker can then work through the list to arrive at the best diagnosis, explain the process to the patient and decide on the right treatment for each patient.

Created by physicians for physicians, the VisualDx database is derived from an exhaustive library of more than 100,000 peer-reviewed medical images with a special emphasis on covering all different ages, skin types and skin color. It also provides diagnoses and treatments for more than 1,300 diagnoses—including ophthalmology, oral medicine, radiology, infectious disease, pediatrics and many other specialties. It is available as an online and mobile app that works with the iPhone, Android and iPad.

VisualDx is the only diagnostic decision support system to be widely adopted by clinicians nationally, with more than half the nation’s medical schools and more than 1,500 hospitals and large clinics, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, using it to reduce medical error by ensuring accurate diagnoses.

About VisualDx

VisualDx is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system that has become the standard electronic resource at more than half of U.S. medical schools and more than 1,500 hospitals and institutions nationwide.  VisualDx combines clinical search with the world's best medical image library, plus medical knowledge from experts to help with diagnosis, treatment, self-education, and patient communication. Expanding to provide diagnostic decision support across General Medicine, the new VisualDx brings increased speed and accuracy to the art of diagnosis. Learn more at