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Faster, more accurate diagnosis and care, with greater parental understanding.

Building Confidence and Trust

Parents want the best for their children. Engaging with our families is critical. With VisualDx, we can review acute and chronic conditions for newborns, infants, and throughout childhood and adolescence. VisualDx can help discern the common from the rare and the benign from the life-threatening to provide care and treatment for our most vulnerable patients.

Specialty Medicine

Unravel the complexity of rare diagnoses and variant presentations of disease to drive accuracy with VisualDx. 

Medicine’s Fastest Second Opinion

Complexities, ambiguities and variation of disease cause diagnostic errors. With VisualDx, we make it easier to accurately diagnose even the most complex of cases and we do it with the power of visualization. From picture to patient, our images impact decisions to improve patient care.


In the ICU, or on the general medical or pediatric hospital floor, VisualDx delivers accurate clinical answers in seconds.

Specialist knowledge at the point of care

Hospital physicians have only minutes to assess and diagnose their patients – often with incomplete data and no consultant available. Imagine being supported by a team of specialists, right at the point of care. We empower our doctors with a knowledge base across general medicine, including GI, cardiology, dermatology, infectious disease, emergency medicine, and more. We make it easier to accurately diagnose even the most complex of cases.

Risk Management

VisualDx is certified for risk CME accreditation. Use VisualDx at your institution to improve care and reduce risk.

Accurate, Informed Decision-Making

Diagnostic errors and delays are the leading causes of injury to the patient and risk to the practicing physician. They are a significant contributor to medical malpractice lawsuits. The Institute of Medicine reports at least 5% of diagnoses are made in error, translating to 18 million errors each year. Giving clinicians the tools to improve diagnostic accuracy is imperative to help reduce risk and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Specialty Medicine Value

“Diagnostic accuracy is critical to all specialists. I use VisualDx to broaden my differential diagnosis and to rule in or out diagnostic possibilities. The flexible search and differential diagnosis are coupled to the best medical images I have ever seen. VisualDx has become an essential component of my practice of medicine."

James Willig, MD, MSPH, Infectious Diseases, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Risk Management Value

Dentistry & Oral Value

"[The patient was] diagnosed with oral hairy leukoplakia (a condition seen in immunocompromised patients, particularly those with HIV infection). The use of VisualDx successfully assisted ... in differentiating these [oral] white lesions. This tool was the key to our success in being able to diagnose and treat this case properly."

T.H., Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of Southern California Los Angeles

Hospitalist Value

"Having VisualDx loaded on my mobile device, it has become one of my go-to apps in the hospital setting, undoubtably serving to enrich my academic experience."

Miguel Flores, MD, FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

CMIO Value

“VisualDx is a new generation, person-side, clinical decision support tool, allowing the clinician, student, and others immediate access to rich visual content assisting with, as the name implies, diagnosis as well as therapeutic options. The tool is one that is easy to use and a component of the modern era of mobile devices, allowing the immediate access to diagnostic support to improve patient care.”

William F. Bria, MD, Chairman of the Board AMDIS

Resident & Student Value

“VisualDx helps medical students learn how to build a differential and gives residents confidence in their decision making. It’s an invaluable educational tool.”

Rachel Diamond, MD, Chief Pediatric Resident, Rochester Regional Health System

Key Features

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