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User Testimonials

Emergency Medicine

The system provides residents and attending physicians a tremendous resource to quickly and correctly diagnose unusual conditions. – Dr. Martin Lutz, Medical Director of Emergency Services for the Greenville Hospital System, Greenville, SC

VisualDx helped us quickly formulate a differential diagnosis for the patient and allowed us to quickly make an appropriate disposition of the patient. – Dr. John Marshall, Emergency Medicine Physician, Hamilton Medical Center, GA

I use VisualDx on a daily basis in treating my patients. The program helps so many facets of my patient care. – Dr. James Shoemaker, Emergency Medicine Physician, Chairman, Elkhart General Hospital Emergency Department, IN 

Hospital Medicinetop

If I had not had access to VisualDx, I would have had to pour through dermatology and rheumatology books to come up with the same information that I came up with using VisualDx in about 5 minutes. – Dr. Kristopher Gage, PGY-3, Internal Medicine Physician, Rheumatology Rotation, Sioux Falls, SD 

It is a really wonderful point of care reference tool that I always keep handy. – Dr. Dharmesh Sutayira, Nephrology, North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, NY

The patient was in the hospital awaiting a stem cell transplant and had developed a pruritic annular rash with slightly raised but non-scaly overlapping borders on his shoulders. The primary team was considering a fungal etiology... Ultimately the pathology specimen came back reading granuloma annulare, which was in our differential diagnosis thanks to VisualDx. – Jordan Strom, MS-4, Harvard Medical School

Having VisualDx loaded on my mobile device, it has become one of my go-to apps in the hospital setting, undoubtably serving to enrich my academic experience. – Miguel Flores, MS-3, FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Patient Educationtop

I have loved VisualDx! It's been one of the best patient education tools I've used thus far, and a great learning tool for me as well. – Dr. Monica Rani, Resident, University of Minnesota

I was caring for a school-age female with a rash that was very distressing to the parents. This family was unique, as both of the child's parents were deaf. As I said the words "erythema multiforme" the interpreter...said (and signed) "she just said a really big word." I logged on to VisualDx. The parents had the opportunity to visualize and read the words “erythema multiforme” and see examples of the rash. VisualDx helped me to communicate with the parents of my patient as well as confirm my diagnosis. – Megan Lynch, CPNP, Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO

Now that I have VisualDx mobile on my Droid, I often share images with patients. I had a gentleman with classic erythematous nodules on his anterior shins, and even though I knew the diagnosis of erythema nodosum, I was able to reassure him of the accuracy of the diagnosis by showing him VisualDx pictures with my phone. – Dr. Richard Dudrak, Urgent Care, Lifetime Health, NY

Pediatric Medicinetop

I am a huge fan of the VisualDx app on my iPhone. The doctors in my program and I use VisualDx for almost every weird looking rash we get in our pediatric emergency room or on the wards or pediatric ICU. – Dr. Alejandro Diaz, PGY-2, Pediatric Physician, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

The beauty of VisualDx is that you have a wealth of information at your fingertips when you need it. – MS-3, Pediatric Rotation, UT Southwestern

Primary Caretop

My preceptor wasn't sure of the diagnosis, so I used VisualDx to look at examples of herpes simplex virus in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised patients. We pulled up a picture of skin lesions that looked exactly like this [HIV-positive] patient's lesions and performed a swab to confirm. – MS-3, Primary Care Rotation

Family Medicinetop

It is very elegant and easy to use on the iPad. I am a Family Medicine Program Director and I often show the iPad app to applicants to show them we are on the cutting edge with our clinical care and teaching. – Dr. Elliot Davidson, Family Medicine Program Director, Akron General Medical Center, OH

Ambulatory Caretop

Thanks to VisualDx, the patient was more effectively evaluated and treated [for alopecia areata]. Happy patient, happy (and more knowledgeable) medical student, happy preceptor! Thank you for a wonderful product! – Matt Hemming, MS-3, Dermatology Clinic, Harvard Medical School

I was able to compare the clinical feature of my patient with the images [of erythema dyschromicum perstans] on VisualDx, which made me feel confident with my differential. The diagnosis was later confirmed after a biopsy. Thank you very much for making such an excellent resource.  – Dr. Aanand Geria, Resident, Howard University Hospital

Urgent Caretop

I find VisualDx an invaluable clinical tool, and I even use our VisualDx access as a "selling point" when I'm recruiting new providers to come work urgent care. Thank you for the wonderful product, and keep up the great work! – Dr. Richard Dudrak, Urgent Care, Lifetime Health, NY

Medical Library Resourcestop

VisualDx has brought an entirely new level to our offerings. – Liz Lorbeer, Associate Director for Content Management, Lister Hill Health Sciences Library, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Users are tremendously impressed with the quality and quantity of medical images… VisualDx adds tremendous value. – Nicole Mitchell, Reference Librarian, Lister Hill Health Sciences Library, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Public Healthtop

It has been very well received, and that’s because VisualDx became much more than a vendor to us. They became part of our team. They have strong advocates in public health at the staff and local levels. – Dan Drociuk, Epidemiologist and former Director of Bioterrorism Surveillance and Response Program, SC DHEC