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What's the Diagnosis? - April 17, 2017

A pre-teen girl is taken to the ER with a very sore throat, hot potato voice, and trismus and she's drooling. Given all the evidence, can you diagnose her correctly?


What's New at VisualDx? - April 2017

Whether you use VisualDx on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, you may have noticed a couple of updates we are excited to tell you about!


What's the Diagnosis? - April 10, 2017

A teen boy heads to urgent care with a scattered rash of smooth papules, an eschar and a fever. Given the evidence, can you diagnose him correctly?


What's the Diagnosis? - April 3, 2017

A woman in her mid-30's with a history of smoking suffers from multiple smooth nodules and abscesses in intertriginous areas and appear before her menses. Can you determine the correct diagnosis?


What's the Diagnosis? - March 27, 2017

A young woman asks her PCP about a bunch of tiny smooth brown and black papules on her cheeks. Her mom and aunt had the same thing but could she do something about it? What's her diagnosis?


What's the Diagnosis? - March 20, 2017

A woman shows up at the ED suffering from vomiting, RUQ pain and epigastric pain. With the evidence provided, can you make an accurate diagnosis?


What's the Diagnosis? - March 13, 2017

A 3 year old girl shows up at the pediatrician's office with a rash of smooth papules on her rear end that spread out to her arms and legs but not her trunk. With all the evidence in the case, can you diagnose the toddler correctly?


What's the Diagnosis? - March 6, 2017

A young refugee shows up at the pediatrician's office with non-scarring alopecia and fine scaly plaques on his scalp. Can you diagnose him correctly?


More Than Skin Deep

A chief resident in dermatology at Tulane explains why her profession is more than "skin deep" ahead of the American Academy of Dermatology's 2017 annual meeting.


What's the Diagnosis? - February 27, 2017

A 3-year-old girl arrives at the pediatrician's office with what at first seemed like a normal cold but now she's developed a rash too. Can you diagnose her accurately?