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VisualDx Blog


VisualDx Differential Helps NP Student Convince Doctor to Test for Flu

A University of South Alabama NP student uses VisualDx and convinces the doctor she was working to test for another illness they hadn't considered for their young patient.


Medical Student Sees Unfamiliar Rash in Clinic, Uses VisualDx to Guide Diagnosis

A 3rd year medical student sees a young patient in clinic with a rash he's not familiar with. With VisualDx guidance, the student makes the correct diagnosis.


Patient's Pain Grows After Shingles Diagnosis, VisualDx Guides Dermatologist to Correct Diagnosis

A patient diagnosed with herpes zoster in the ER comes back 2 days later in more pain. The dermatologist who sees him looks at the differential and diagnoses him correctly.


Patient Believes Detergent Caused Rash, Derm PA-C Uses VisualDx to Guide Correct Diagnosis

A dermatology PA turns to VisualDx to guide her diagnosis of a patient's rash which he claimed was caused by his laundry detergent.


Woman Concerned Face, Neck Skin Makes Her Look Older - Let's Diagnose

A woman at her doctor asks about the skin on her face and neck which seemed yellower than usual. Is it phytophotodermatitis? Solar elastosis? Actinic keratosis? Use your medical knowledge, assess her symptoms, and use VisualDx to guide and confirm your diagnosis.


Diagnosing Headaches: Determining The Cause

Headaches are a common complaint but can also be potentially life-threatening and reflect a more dangerous underlying disease. Knowing red flag headache symptoms can be extremely helpful as identifying the dangerous cases quickly and accurately is crucial


Woman Worried about Dark Brown, Scaly Skin Spots - Let's Diagnose

A woman heads to her PCP worried about several browns spots on her body that looked different compared to her age spots. Is it melanoma? Flat warts? Seborrheic keratosis? Use your medical knowledge, assess her symptoms, and use VisualDx to guide and confirm your diagnosis.


Woman's Red Forehead Becomes Cellulitis Case, VisualDx Helps ER NP Add Treatment

A woman in her 30s heads back to the ER with swelling on her forehead. An NP uses VisualDx to confirm the source of the patient's infection and add the appropriate drug to her treatment plan.


Nail the Diagnosis of Half-and-Half-Nails

Half-and-half nail is a chronic condition in which the proximal nail matrix is white while the distal half is red to brown, presenting in up to one-third of dialysis patients. Nail abnormalities can provide insight into underlying pathology and should be part of all physical exams as they are a commonly overlooked diagnostic tool.


Man Has Blurry Vision, Sees Double, Complains of Headaches - Let's Diagnose

A middle aged man heads to the eye doctor with blurry vision, seeing double and complaining of headaches. Is it optic neuritis? Diabetic retinopathy? PapilledemaUse your medical knowledge, assess his symptoms, and use VisualDx to guide and confirm your diagnosis.