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VisualDx Blog

What's the Diagnosis? - January 3, 2017

Use VisualDx's differential builder to diagnose this 10-year-old.

What's the Diagnosis? - December 19, 2016

Use VisualDx's differential builder to diagnose what's going on with a woman with rheumatoid arthritis with painful arm lesions.

What's the Diagnosis? - December 12, 2016

Use VisualDx's differential builder to diagnose this elderly diabetic woman with a tense vesicle.


CASE STUDY: Mystery Skin Lesions

After several doctor visits, a Canadian woman finally gets the right diagnosis and treatment for her rash thanks to VisualDx.


VisualDx Diagnosis Challenge - 12/5/2016

Use VisualDx's differential builder to diagnose what happened in shop class.


New Website Focusing on Skin Health Debuts

Skinsight's experts guide users through over 200 of the most common skin conditions.


Bacteria's Role in Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis affects the sebum-rich areas of the body including the face, scalp, neck, upper chest, and back.


What is Pityriasis Rosea?

Classically, a lone pink or flesh-colored patch or scaly plaque appears first.


Researchers Focus on Heartland Virus Immunity

Heartland virus disease is a newly described disease affecting a handful of people in the Midwest.


What's the Diagnosis? - Pediatric Papules

A concerned mother brought her 5 year old daughter in to the pediatrician with red papules on her face. Use VisualDx to confirm or help shape your diagnosis.