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Dermatologic Findings in COVID-19: A Review of the Literature

Beyond the respiratory and gastrointestinal manifestations of COVID-19, one interesting discovery has recently emerged: unique and unexplained dermatologic manifestations.


Man Has Pain, Numbness, Trouble Opening His Hand - Let's Diagnose

A 70-year-old is having trouble with his hands. They're painful and numb and he has trouble opening them. Could it be rheumatoid arthritis? Carpal tunnel syndrome? Thinking about dupuytren contracture? Use your medical knowledge, read the full case study and use VisualDx to confirm your diagnosis.


Is It Skin Lymphoma? Keep These 3 Things in Mind When Making a Diagnosis

Skin lymphoma refers to a broad group of lymphocyte neoplasms that exists in the skin. Any type of immune cell in the skin can become neoplastic, but the most common are T-cells. Skin lymphoma is often initially misdiagnosed as an eczema. Here are some clues that you should consider CTCL in your differential. 


COVID-19: How Are You Adapting to the Changing Healthcare Landscape?

We’re facing a global healthcare crisis unlike any in our recent history. Within the span of a few short weeks, we have seen our lives and medical practices drastically change. It is our hope that we come out of this pandemic stronger than before, with a renewed sense of purpose, and a new set of tools we’ll use to better connect with and treat our patients.


Nailing Your Diagnosis: The Hand Exam

The nail is a gateway into the body and can help reveal underlying systemic conditions. It is important not to forget about nail evaluation when performing your general physical exam.


Enhancing and Safeguarding Your Telemedicine Practice

The COVID-19 crisis has brought with it the onset of an unprecedented healthcare situation. Telemedicine services have been increased due to an attempt to keep most patients at home and limit the spread of virus within our population. Follow these tips for telemedicine success.


Keeping Your Hands Protected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Between the alcohol-based hand sanitizer and the frequent and prolonged hand washing, certain individuals are at risk for hand dermatitis. Skimping on hand hygiene is NOT recommended at this time. So, how can you protect your skin?


Empower Your Patients With Aysa

At VisualDx, we are closely monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. As clinics close their doors and move toward telemedicine for consults and appointments, we want you to be aware of the many resources available to you and your patients. VisualDx has built a tool called Aysa that helps both patients and physicians when it comes to skin complaints.


Three Life-Threatening Rashes You Don't Want to Miss

Most rashes we see every day turn out to be easily treatable, but some of them may are indicative of a serious systemic disease. Clinicians should be on the lookout for any of the following life-threatening rashes.


A Special Message From Art Papier, MD, CEO of VisualDx

At VisualDx, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Art Papier, MD, shares important updates surrounding the virus and steps we are taking with our software.