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Spotting the Diagnosis of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an acquired pigmentary disorder with a genetic predisposition in which melanocytes progressively lose their function, resulting in abnormal skin hypopigmentation (white macules and patches) throughout the body


Student Uses VisualDx to Research Headache, Help Patient

A medical student diagnoses a young man's headache by creating a differential in VisualDx and assessing the different headache categories.


With Measles Cases Rising, Pediatrician Turns to VisualDx for Patient's Rash Diagnosis

With measles cases on the rise, a pediatrician turns to VisualDx to work out the differential for her patient with a full body rash.


RN Consults VisualDx For Patient's Drug Reaction Rash To Find It Wasn't Drug-Related

A home infusion RN believes her patient's rash is due to a new drug. After consulting VisualDx for more information, she finds out the rash isn't drug-related at all.


VisualDx Helps Medicine Team Diagnose Hallucinating Hiker

VisualDx helps a medicine team diagnose a hallucinating hiker.


Swimming Patient Develops Patches; IM Resident Uses VisualDx Images to Compare & Diagnose

Rayan, an internal medicine resident at Duke, describes a time he used VisualDx's medical image library to arrive at the correct diagnosis for his patient.


Psoriasis Explained

Psoriasis is a chronic and systemic autoimmune inflammatory disease primarily affecting the skin that can be cosmetically disfiguring; an estimated 7.5 million patients in the United States alone suffer from the condition.


Student Uses VisualDx and CT Scan to Guide Woman's Abdominal Pain Diagnosis Leading to Surgery

VisualDx helped a medical student assess a woman in the ER with lower abdominal pain and guide the diagnosis and removal of a teratoma.


Building Differential in VisualDx Guides Wart Diagnosis

A Stony Brook student uses VisualDx to build out and narrow down the differential for his elderly patient.


Comparing Images in VisualDx Key for Teen's HS Diagnosis

A Northwell Health resident describes how she used VisualDx to compare pictures to narrow down the diagnosis for her teen patient.

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