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ER Doc in Maryland Makes Life-Saving Diagnosis with VisualDx Help



Ron Elfenbein, an Emergency Medicine physician in Maryland shares his story on his use of VisualDx: 

"I had a young man with a rash I had not seen before and was concerned it might be Fourneir's gangrene - although he didn't appear septic and was not a diabetic. I used the algorithm to help me narrow my differential down and it turned out to be Fournier's; we got it very early and saved his life. He became very sick quickly while still in the ER. VisualDx really helped me narrow it down and helped me decide on a treatment course very early on. Thanks for such a great product! I use it all the time!"


elfenbein_ron.jpgRon Elfenbein is an ER doctor who currently practices at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD and is owner, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Chesapeake ERgent Care, an urgent care in Gambrills, MD.  He has provided training for the United States Secret Service, and was dispatched to the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. He has a special interest in aerospace medicine, was awarded a NASA grant, and was a semi-finalist for the US Astronaut program. Aside from aerospace medicine, he has a keen interest in business development as well as in using technology to its maximal benefit in medicine. 

This story is part of our Story Share Project.  Our mission is improving diagnostic accuracy and we believe sharing these user stories are critical to promoting the mission.

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