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Introducing the Sympticon

introsympticonslg.jpgThe new VisualDx features the Sympticon, a way to visualize the symptoms of a disease. Our developers, medical editors and librarians have been working hard to enhance your VisualDx experience as you compare diagnoses and build a patient-specific differential.

There is a Child-Adult sympticon and an Infant Sympticon which will automatically show if you create a differential diagnosis for specific ages. The Sympticon highlights which organs are affected by the specific disease or diagnosis.  

The Sympticons also change color according to the diagnosis. If you add that the patient is flushed the Sympticon will show as red instead of dark blue. Jaundice shows the Sympticon as yellow.

Special symbols appear on the Sympticon to indicate important chief complaints including a white lightning bolt in a red circle to indicate pain (as seen in the Child-Adult Sympticon to symbolize elbow joint pain), and an oral thermometer (also in the Child-Adult Sympticon) to indicate fever.

About VisualDx

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