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New DermExpert Brings Quality Care to Patients

Understanding and treating skin conditions can be a challenge for the non-dermatologist. Even describing a rash properly can be difficult. And it’s not a surprise, as generalists only receive about 22 hours of dermatology training1. That’s why VisualDx has developed DermExpert™ – an add-on “take a picture” feature that uses machine learning to quickly guide clinicians to personalized answers to their patients’ skin problems in seconds.

New! DermExpert is now available on both Android and iOS devices. It also has a new workflow designed to be more efficient and accurate. Simply take a picture of your patient’s skin condition, confirm morphology, answer a few clinical questions, and get a meaningful differential diagnosis in seconds.



DermExpert aims to train clinicians in the language of the skin exam while providing guidance and helping to build a meaningful differential. By improving pattern recognition and providing extra support, DermExpert can help non-dermatologists become more confident in diagnosing skin conditions.

Watch a walkthrough of the new DermExpert.

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Join a webinar to see DermExpert in action.

DermExpert is now available for iOS and Android devices. Learn more and schedule a demo on our website.


Sources: 1. Fleischer AB. Diagnosis of Skin Disease by Nondermatologists. AJMC. Published October 1, 2000

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