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Student on Family Medicine Rotation Uses VisualDx for Difficult Derm Diagnosis

pityriasis_rosea.jpgG. Jo, a student at Belmont University was on a Family Medicine rotation and encountered a young woman with scaly papules.

"I'm a Student and currently in Family Medicine rotation. For me, dermatology is difficult to distinguish from one another and have hard time making the correct diagnosis and treatment plans. Every dermatology disorder is similar and can vary differently from person to person. The only way I am able to correctly list my differential diagnosis is based on clinical presentation of the skin rash or lesion. And using the VisualDX gives me the advantage of looking up the classic skin lesion or pattern and it provides me with list of leading and probable diagnosis. For example, a young, female patient comes in with multiple scaly, papular lesions on her chest, abdomen, and back for 2 weeks. Not able to pinpoint a diagnosis, I used the VisualDX to log in all the subjective and objective findings and it provided me with a leading diagnosis of pityriasis rosea with distinct clinical feature of Herald's Patch. I was able to compare that to the lesions on the patient and sure enough, she had the exact, distinct Herald's Patch before the lesion outbreak. Using VisualDX helped me make me diagnosis and also help educate the patient about the disease and course of treatment. Patient was very satisfied and I felt confident in my clinical judgment!"

*Pityriasis rosea pictured here is not patient in story. See more pityriasis rosea pictures in VisualDx.

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