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Why Was This 3-Year-Old So Irritable, and What Was Wrong With Her Eye?


[February 16, 2017 - Lisa Sanders, New York Times Magazine]

A medical student from Michigan State credits VisualDx for helping reach the accurate diagnosis for her niece's eye troubles.

First she made a list of all the diseases affecting the eye that she could think of. From conjunctivitis to blepharitis, sty to poison ivy, every diagnosis turned up pictures that didn't quite match her niece's eye ailment.  

Her mother said something in passing that sparked an idea for the medical student. "It was gone now, but could the herpes virus — the cause of cold sores — have infected the skin on the child’s face? Bard had never heard of anyone getting a cold sore on their eye...But of all the diseases she saw online, this was the only one that carried real risk. After work, she explained her concern to her sister-in-law. The key symptoms to watch for were light sensitivity or watery eyes." Did the medical student arrive at the correct diagnosis? Read the full New York Times article here.





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