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Cervical lymphadenitis in Adult
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Cervical lymphadenitis in Adult

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Contributors: Benjamin L. Mazer MD, MBA, Christine Osborne MD
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Cervical lymphadenitis refers to inflammation or enlargement of the cervical lymph nodes. Lymph node enlargement is secondary to a reactive process or infection in the region drained by the cervical lymph nodes or due to cellular duplication within the lymph node. Physical examination may reveal fever, tender cervical lymphadenopathy, erythema overlying the involved lymph node, neck pain, neck stiffness, or torticollis.

Common risk factors include symptoms of an upper respiratory infection such as rhinorrhea, coryza, conjunctivitis, fever, or earache, recent dental work, poor dentition / oral hygiene, or contact with animals such as kittens or livestock.

Careful history and physical exam of the neck for unilateral or bilateral enlargement and other nodes for enlargement is an important first step in establishing an underlying cause.


I88.9 – Nonspecific lymphadenitis, unspecified

3502005 – Cervical lymphadenitis

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Cervical lymphadenitis in Adult
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Cervical lymphadenitis : Fever, Neck pain, Neck mass, Tender lymphadenopathy
Clinical image of Cervical lymphadenitis
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