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Ectopic kidney
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Ectopic kidney

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An ectopic kidney is a congenital malpositioned kidney that has failed to ascend and rotate to its normal position. Simple ectopic kidney is a normal kidney in an abnormal place on the same side of the body, typically in the pelvis, but it can be above the pelvis in the iliac or thoracic (rare) position. The kidney may be abnormally rotated. When rotated and joined to its mate at midline, it is called a horseshoe kidney.

Ectopic kidney may be discovered incidentally during imaging. The presence of ectopic kidney may be asymptomatic. If symptomatic, signs and symptoms are usually related to impaired function or drainage and can include pain, fever, hematuria, hypertension, hydronephrosis, or nephrolithiasis.

Care must be taken to avoid misdiagnosis when a palpable growth is detected, especially when complications of ectopic kidney are present. The precise location and position of kidneys must be determined prior to any surgery.

Management might call for further evaluation by specialists in nephrology or urology, particularly if there is progressive hydronephrosis or a decline in renal function. Medical procedures or surgery may be necessary for renal calculi removal, to correct urinary obstruction, or to remediate other complications.


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Ectopic kidney
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Ectopic kidney : Abdominal pain, Abdominal mass
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