Hip injury
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Hip injury

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Damage to hip caused by internal or external stress, such as falls, trauma from motor vehicle accidents, athletic injuries, overloading, and overuse. The general category of hip injury may be further divided into bone injuries (fractures and dislocations) and soft tissue injuries, including strains, contusions, and sprains and other tendon injuries. Hip injury is characterized by hip, groin, buttock, or leg pain, inability to bear weight, and limited range of motion.

Reduction of hip dislocation resulting from external trauma or related to hip prosthesis is typically by Allis or Stimson reduction techniques, followed by traction, post-reduction x-rays, and consultation with an orthopedist.

Management of a hip fracture requires immediate (usually surgical) intervention, preferably involving a multidisciplinary team. Surgical procedures include hemiarthroplasty, hip replacement, open reduction, and fixation. Pain management is a priority; resources for opioid prescribing guidelines, as well as nonopioid alternatives, can be found here.


S79.919A – Unspecified injury of unspecified hip, initial encounter

125600009 – Injury of hip region


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Hip injury
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Hip injury : Groin pain, Hip pain, Inability to bear weight
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