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Horseshoe kidney
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Horseshoe kidney

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Contributors: Catherine Moore MD
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A congenital abnormality in embryogenic migration that results in fusion of one pole of each kidney with the other. Typically, affected individuals are asymptomatic and diagnosis is made incidentally. Horseshoe kidney carries increased risk of hydronephrosis, nephrolithiasis, and urinary tract infection due to abnormalities in ureter position which may lead to vesicoureteral reflux or ureteropelvic junction obstruction.


Q63.1 – Lobulated, fused and horseshoe kidney

41729002 – Horseshoe Kidney

Differential Diagnosis & Pitfalls

This is a radiologic diagnosis.

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Horseshoe kidney
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Horseshoe kidney : Abdominal pain
Imaging Studies image of Horseshoe kidney
Contrast enhanced CT scan of the abdomen demonstrates a midline attachment of the right and left kidneys.
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