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Long bone fracture
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Long bone fracture

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Contributors: David Sullo MD
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A break in one of the long bones of the skeleton, such as the humerus or femur. Long bone fractures typically require a significant amount of force such as from a motor vehicle accident, a fall from a significant height, or a direct blow with a blunt object. Symptoms typically include deformity of the affected limb, point tenderness, and pain with movement.

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S42.309A – Unspecified fracture of shaft of humerus, unspecified arm, initial encounter for closed fracture
S72.90XA – Unspecified fracture of unspecified femur, initial encounter for closed fracture

66308002 – Fracture of humerus
71620000 – Fracture of femur

Differential Diagnosis & Pitfalls

Prior to imaging, which will demonstrate fracture and location, the differential may include:
  • Other fracture – scapular, elbow, clavicle (humerus); hip, pelvis, knee (femur)
  • Dislocation – shoulder (humerus); hip (femur)

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Long bone fracture
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Long bone fracture : Edema, Limited range of motion
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