Marcus Gunn syndrome
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Marcus Gunn syndrome

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Marcus Gunn syndrome is a rare congenital trigemino-oculomotor synkinesis, also called Marcus Gunn jaw-winking syndrome, jaw winking ptosis, or maxillopalpebral synkinesis. The synchronization of two independent facial movements links the eyelid movement of one eye with jaw movement, so that as the jaw moves, the upper eyelid appears to wink. It may occur sporadically, but it is believed to be familial (autosomal dominant inheritance) in about 50% of cases. It is often seen in infants with blepharoptosis. It is most recognizable when the half-closed superior eyelid suddenly opens with sucking, chewing, smiling, or other jaw and facial movement.

Marcus Gunn phenomenon may be related to innervation dysfunction originating during fetal development. Usually present at birth, it is rarely bilateral.

The condition may improve gradually over time. Some cases have been treated with surgery to correct eyelid drooping or jaw winking.


Q07.8 – Other specified congenital malformations of nervous system

5127009 – Jaw-winking syndrome


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Marcus Gunn syndrome
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Marcus Gunn syndrome : Strabismus, Visual impairment, Usually unilateral blepharoptosis
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