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Osteoporotic compression fracture
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Osteoporotic compression fracture

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Contributors: Benjamin L. Mazer MD, MBA
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An osteoporotic compression fracture is a nontraumatic fracture, usually of the vertebrae, caused primarily by loss of bone density. Compression fractures present with acute, localized spine pain that infrequently radiates to the ribs. Pain worsens with movement. However, many compression fractures are asymptomatic.

Risk factors for compression fractures include advanced age, female gender, low body weight, chronic corticosteroid use, and abnormalities of testosterone or estrogen. Osteoporotic compression fractures are less commonly secondary to diseases such as hyperparathyroidism or malignancy.

Treatment of stable, symptomatic fractures is usually conservative, with bracing and pain control emphasized. Pain often resolves within 6 weeks of conservative management. Resources for opioid prescribing guidelines, as well as nonopioid alternatives, can be found here. Surgical intervention such as vertebroplasty is sometimes used. Osteoporosis should also be medically addressed.


M80.00XA – Age-related osteoporosis with current pathological fracture, unspecified site, initial encounter for fracture
M80.80XA – Other osteoporosis with current pathological fracture, unspecified site, initial encounter for fracture

46675001 – Osteoporotic fracture

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Osteoporotic compression fracture
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Osteoporotic compression fracture : Flank pain, Hip pain, Low back pain, Muscle spasm, Recurring episodes or relapses, Sleep disturbance
Imaging Studies image of Osteoporotic compression fracture
Compression fracture of the L1 vertebral body involving both the superior and inferior endplates in a patient with diffuse osteopenia, compatible with an osteoporotic compression fracture.
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