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Psychosexual disorder
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Psychosexual disorder

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Contributors: Richard L. Barbano MD, PhD
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Psychosexual disorder is defined as sexual dysfunction that is felt to be due to psychologic factors as opposed to physiologic factors and results in an inability to become aroused or attain sexual satisfaction under normal conditions. It is important to rule out the many organic causes of sexual dysfunction in men and women as symptoms are often the same. Presenting symptoms in men include inability to get or maintain an erection, ejaculatory problems (premature or inability to ejaculate), and decreased libido. In women, psychosexual disorder can present as decreased libido, inability to achieve orgasm, pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, and vaginismus (involuntary tightness of perivaginal muscles). Causes include depression and anxiety (including performance anxiety) as well as past traumatic sexual experiences. Negative body image can also play a role.


R37 – Sexual dysfunction, unspecified

56627002 – Psychosexual disorder


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Psychosexual disorder
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Psychosexual disorder (Male) : Anxiety, Erectile dysfunction, Depressed mood, Reduced libido
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