Wrist sprain
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Wrist sprain

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Wrist injury involving ligament or joint capsule, causing ligament to stretch or tear. Due to falling on the wrist, twisting wrist while lifting a heavy object, or other force on the wrist. Not uncommon among gymnasts, skateboarders, basketball players, or older persons experiencing a fall. A number of wrist injuries can occur in occupations utilizing high-torque power equipment. Characterized by wrist pain, swelling, and tenderness following a causative event. Considered a diagnosis of exclusion when other types of wrist injury are ruled out or cannot be confirmed on radiograph.

Sprains may be classified as grade I (mild but stable), grade II (incomplete rupture or loose ligament), or grade III (complete rupture and instability).

Management includes icing, elevation, modification of activity, splinting, brace or cast usage, pain management, anti-inflammatory medicine, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery for torn ligament. If pain persists or sprain fails to heal with rest (2-3 weeks), additional testing may be needed (x-rays, MRI, etc) to further rule out fracture, dislocation, or more severe injury. Resources for opioid prescribing guidelines, as well as nonopioid alternatives, can be found here.


S63.509A – Unspecified sprain of unspecified wrist, initial encounter

70704007 – Sprain of wrist


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Wrist sprain
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Wrist sprain : Joint stiffness, Joint swelling, Joint tenderness, Wrist pain
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