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Ganglion cyst
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Ganglion cyst

Contributors: Lisa Altieri MD, Noah Craft MD, PhD, Lowell A. Goldsmith MD, MPH
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Ganglion cysts are benign soft tissue tumors that most frequently occur around the dorsum of the wrist and on the fingers, although any joint can be affected. They can present as a swelling or as joint pain. Ganglion cysts are most common in patients aged 20-40 years but may affect any age group.

They usually present as cosmetic concerns but may uncommonly have associated neurologic or vascular symptoms. If the cyst compresses an underlying nerve, the patient may report distal numbness or weakness. Vascular compression may cause coolness or cyanosis of areas distal to the cyst. The size of the cyst may vary over time and can increase after activity.

Although the exact etiology is unknown, it is likely that a small tear forms in a joint capsule or tendon sheath, allowing extravasation of synovial fluid into the adjacent tissue. When the fluid reacts with local tissue, it becomes more gelatinous and a cyst wall forms. While it has been postulated that ganglion cysts are caused by chronic joint inflammation, this theory is less likely because inflammatory changes are not seen in ganglion cysts.


M67.4 – Ganglion

445008009 – Ganglion cyst

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Differential Diagnosis & Pitfalls

  • Lipoma – A freely movable, soft, fluctuant mass that does not transilluminate.
  • Giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath – A firm, fixed swelling generally occurring on the flexor surfaces on the tendons in the region of the hand; does not transilluminate.
  • Tenosynovitis – Diffuse swelling and bogginess of the tenosynovium overlying a tendon; usually tracks along the tendon in a longitudinal fashion.
  • Neuroma – Less mobile and does not transilluminate.
  • Soft tissue sarcoma (eg, fibrosarcoma) – Less mobile and typically not well circumscribed.
  • Gouty tophus – A hard, nodular mass commonly found around the fingers, at the tips of the elbows, and around the big toe.
  • Osteosarcoma – Immobile and not well circumscribed.
  • Septic arthritis – Typically presents as an erythematous, warm, swollen joint; an effusion can often be detected.
  • Artery aneurysm – Pulsatile, and a thrill may be palpated.

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Ganglion cyst
Ganglion cyst : Cyst, Dorsum of hand, Fingers, Smooth nodule, Wrist, Arthralgia
Clinical image of Ganglion cyst
A flesh-colored subcutaneous nodule on the dorsal wrist.
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