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Trusted during times of public health crisis.

Today's frontline healthcare workers have longstanding confidence in VisualDx for emerging infectious diseases as well as common everyday conditions.

Latest images and information on COVID-19

Excellence in Clinical Decision-Making.

VisualDx is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety.

Clinicians can quickly build a custom differential diagnosis across general medicine or use the powerful search function to access patient-specific clinical information and the world's best medical images.

VisualDx is the tool of choice for front line healthcare workers who want a curated, peer-reviewed approach to drive quality patient care.


of physicians believe using VisualDx improved patient care.

In a random blind study, VisualDx improved diagnostic accuracy by 120%.

minutes per day are saved when clinicians are using VisualDx.

Trusted and used by over 2,300 hospitals, clinics, and medical schools worldwide.

“VisualDx is a useful and powerful tool – a must have software for all general practicioners.”

Dr Michel Arnould,Family Medicine Physician

“Unbelievably useful app that is only getting better and more invaluable. Essential tool in your toolbox.”

James Shoemaker, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician

“I love VisualDx for the speed with which it helps me confirm a diagnosis.”

Roman Bronfenbrener,MD, Dermatologist

“The differentials and clinical information available in VisualDx are intuitive to use, high impact, and genuinely benefit patient care. I feel better having it tucked in my pocket on each clinical shift!”

Matthew Merriman,MD, Dermatologist

“VisualDx helps bring excitement back to medicine.”

Eric Ingerowski, MD, Pediatrician

“I use VisualDx because it increases my knowledge and confidence to ensure I am doing my best as a health care provider. Which means I am able to provide better care for my patients.”

Edie Hamilton, PA-C, CCRC, Physician Assistant

“I really like VisualDx because it’s very fast, it’s accurate, and it’s user friendly.”

Rachel Diamond, MD, Pediatrician

“Thanks to my use of VisualDx, my niece was treated and avoided a fate of corneal scarring or lifelong blindness.”

Amber Bard, Medical Student

“We recognize the value of VisualDx not just as a joint provider, but how it can help us in greater ways improve patient safety with our policyholders.”

Geri Amori, PhD, VP, Academic Affairs, Coverys

“VisualDx has certainly made my time in clinical practice worthwhile. Convenience is the most valuable option VisualDx offers to me.”

Jennifer Pugh, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Nurse Practitioner

Improving medical decisions at the clinic and at home.

VisualDx is bridging the gap between the patient and the provider experience. Discover Aysa, our patient-centered approach to skin health.

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