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Intelligence Within Your Workflow

Interoperability made better. Made SMART.

VisualDx brings clinical decision support where you need it most—right inside the electronic health record.

  • Pulls age and sex from patient record so clinician can build their own differential diagnosis.
  • Jump right into a search of VisualDx by symptom, medication, condition, or travel location.
  • Investigate possible adverse reactions to medications with a simple click.
  • Look up clinical information and images for current and past conditions recorded in the patient record.
  • Quickly access prescribing information for a patient’s current and past medications.

Our Integrations

SMART Integration

VisualDx pulls the patient’s age, sex, medications, and problem list so you can quickly access drug reactions, search, images, and clinical content right inside any FHIR-enabled electronic health record. The R4 app offers:

  • A faster and easier way to access information over DSTU2.
  • Quick delivery right to the VisualDx homepage, where users can immediately search for a condition or search for signs and symptoms to build their own differential diagnosis.

The R4 app logs users in as individuals and creates an account for them if it is their first time using the application. Why is this important?

  • Individual users can earn CME for the clinical inquires they make in VisualDx.
  • This leads to better usage metrics for the individual clinicians with the R4 app.
  • Administrators and stakeholders can identify which clinicians are using VisualDx and how frequently.



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Included with your institutional license at no extra cost.

Single Sign On

VisualDx offers the gold standard of SSO authentication. SSO offers convenience, security, productivity, and administrative benefits, making it an attractive solution for organizations seeking to simplify authentication and access management.

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