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People of color are negatively impacted by healthcare inequities that can lead to worse health outcomes, including caring for their skin. We created See My Skin so that people with melanin-rich skin could finally see skin conditions on themselves.

Kevin Tolson, Brand Director of US Skincare at Unilever

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For Life Science Teams: The Creator Toolkit

  • Improve care from pre-visit to follow-up
  • Support the patient process with a rich, visualized symptom checker and curated medical image library.
  • Track symptom progression in clinical trials
  • Access images to improve med affairs interactions with key influencers
  • Identify variant disease presentations, reducing disparities
  • Create more culturally-competent providers
  • Help identify potential patients for clinical trials

For Consumer Care: The Telemedicine Toolkit

  • Help with self-care guidance and education for patient- and consumer-focused products.
  • Provide patients easy-to-understand guidance on the most common skin conditions—without all the jargon.
  • Give personalized next steps to your customers based on their individual needs. This can include triaging emergent cases to a healthcare professional or recommending specific products available for purchase over the counter.
  • Empower consumers to make better medical decisions at home, in the pharmacy, and with their doctors.
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Vaseline® Launches Skincare Initiative Powered by VisualDx Technology

When people of color search for skin care information online, they’re often met with medical diagnosis list results that don’t accurately reflect them. Research published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that less than 6% of image-based search results show conditions on skin of color.

In an effort to close that gap, Vaseline® is introducing See My Skin, alongside partners at HUED, a digital health company focused on improving quality of care for Black, Latinx and Indigenous populations through education, access and data, and VisualDx medical informatics company that is dedicated to reducing healthcare bias by improving clinical decisions through visualization. In joining forces, See My Skin was created as the only online database designed to search conditions on skin of color and connect people with the proper care they deserve.

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Cultural Competency

Learning to identify variant presentations of skin conditions can create more culturally-competent providers and reduce racial disparities in healthcare.

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With a specialty ad marketplace, VisualDx can enable targeted ads based on a suspected diagnosis.

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