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VisualDx helped me to communicate with the parents of my patient as well as confirm my diagnosis.

-Megan Lynch, CPNP

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An Image Match for a Mystery Rash

James visited my clinic looking for answers. For several weeks he had been dealing with a patch of leathery skin on his lower leg. Luckily, it was not painful, but it was itchy, and his home treatments had failed to provide relief.

At first glance, his rash was unlike anything I had ever seen before; 3-5 centimeter, annular, hyperpigmented patch. I was truly stumped, so I turned to the VisualDx medical diagnosis app.

Right in the exam room, I selected the “Skin of Color” tab to begin, went through the guided Differential Builder, and quickly landed on a diagnosis: lichen simplex chronicus. An image in the library matched his lesion exactly! James’s lesion was atypical in that it had no scale, which is why this diagnosis was not initially on my differential.

Because of VisualDx’s extensive dark skin library that shows variation in presentation, I was able to diagnose my patient all while engaging him in the process.

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Here’s what you can do with VisualDx:

  • Reduce unnecessary referrals with specialty-level knowledge at your fingertips.
  • See variations of disease to improve medical decision-making.
  • Build patient confidence through shared medical images and information.
  • Continuous learning via point-of-care CME.

Evidence-based decision making.

VisualDx helps to augment and expand a clinician’s thinking with our differential diagnosis generator. We help establish a logical method of clinical reasoning to avert common decision-making pitfalls.

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